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Guest House

Staying With Little Friend

Owners Guidelines


A warm welcome to Orles Barn! We are very pleased to welcome your dog (only 1 dog per room, please!) as our guest. 


This document serves to inform you of the Owner’s Guidelines to have in mind during your stay.

We welcome all dogs that are trained, well behaved, calm, non-aggressive, travel-savvy and accompanied by their owner.

We don’t discriminate on breed or size, but we reserve the right to not accept dogs and request their departure from the facilities if they present themselves with aggressive behaviour, are unable to remain quiet, or if our Terms & Conditions are not respected.


New places can feel strange, therefore is it not allowed to leave your dog alone in the room longer than 2 hours.

Kindly use the “Do not disturb” sign when leaving your dog alone in the room. This way we avoid unpleasant surprises for your dog and our staff.

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed in the breakfast room, in respect to other guests. This rule does not apply for guide dogs. Dogs are welcome in the bar areas and TV Lounge  when accompanied by their owner and on their leash.

It is not allowed to use the bath/showers or the towels or sheets in the room for cleaning/drying your dog.

Our front and back gardens are beautiful but not for dog waste.

It is your responsibility to ensure the cleaning of the solid and liquid waste. We expect you to be equipped with waste bags and other cleaning items.

Damages caused by your dog will be your responsibility and a charge will be made for the replacement of the damaged object.

Noise should be kept to a minimum. Although arguably, a little barking is to be expected.Nobody asks children to be completely quiet when staying in a child friendly hotel!

 In case of unacceptable behaviour, Orles Barn  reserves the right to cancel and discontinue the reservation.


Closest veterinarian: Vine Tree Vets 


Closest pet shop: Creature Comforts  / 01989769808

Closest pet groomer: The Dog Parlour / 01989564044

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